Yoaké selected an indulgent array of massages, each designed to soothe the body and release muscle tension through the healing touch of our professionally trained therapists. Emerge from each massage completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Our massages always start with a moment of listening, aromatherapy and light therapy. And for our massages exceeding 60 minutes, you will benefit from the marvellous effects of the feet bath ceremony. The choice of exceptional massage offering an unique restoring experience for body, mind & soul.

  • Tranquillity Yoake Spa Treatment

Tranquillity™ TIME for Me

When the frenzy of everyday life, stress and lack of sleep have repercussions on your mood and affect your vitality, it is time that you adopted Tranquility ™, time for you. Yoaké offers you a complete approach that combines care with the use of a blend of essential oils to alleviate stress and regain serenity. The “Tranquility Blend” is a powerful ally to realign the nervous and endocrine system and predispose the body and mind to an experience of relaxation and rebalancing.
Discover also nutritional advice and anti-stress recipes, breathing exercises, a sleep-inducing self-massage, a colouring book:

Tranquillity™ Pro SLEEP Massage

75 min. | 135 €

An innovative massage acting on three different sensorial pathways: olfactive, tactile and hearing, for profound relaxation. The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke Tranquillity™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay techniques combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide the way to achieve a quiet and peaceful mind and body state favouring sleep and helping to recover jetlag side-effects.

Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well. Ideal after long flights or travelling to a new time zone.


90 min. | 160 €

Tranquillity™ – Shirodhara

Tranquillity massage extends to heavenly warm oil flow on the 3rd eye for mental clarity, balance and harmony.

Tranquillity™ – Special Head or Feet

Tranquillity massage extends to head- or Indian feet massage.

Tranquillity™ Face & Body Ritual

90 min. | 170 €

This unctuous massage provides absolute serenity. A precious sensory synergy with the power of massage will allow you to deeply relax body and mind. Tranquility ™ Face and Body is also distinguished by the SILKY TOUCH textures which, thanks to a high concentration of oils and butters, are particularly nourishing and pleasant on the skin, for an extraordinary velvety effect. This soothing massage is complemented by a facial mask for you to leave with rested features and an illuminated complexion.

For a pleasant relax sensation. It cosmetically nourishes skin tissues and gives skin brightness.


75 min. | 135 €

Massage inspired by Ku Nye, a traditional and ancient practice belonging to the Tibetan Medical Tradition. The bowls are imported directly from Tibet and are of an exceptionally high quality, being a blend of 7 metal alloys. Every singing bowl has a different vibration. The benefits of the treatment last for up to 72 hours This very special treatment helps to increase vitality, removes mental and physical tensions encourages detoxifica­tion, reduces and relieves muscular aches and pains, reduces anxiety and any sleep problems A unique massage ritual with traditional singing bowls. An extraordinarily embracing treatment to harmoniously resonate body, mind and soul.

  • Yoake Tibetian Sound Massage
  • Ayurveda Luxembourg


Ayurveda, Science of Life, consist of helping the body to maintain its health through a balance of energies. The Indian massages will stimulate the energy flow in the body. It will revitalise the nervous system, relieve fatigue and strengthen the immune system, stimulate circulation and help the body flush out wastes more efficiently. We recommend you especially the following treatments:


75 min. | 135 €

Full body massage with warm oils for overall rejuvenating effect on body & mind.


35/60 min. | 70/110 €

Deeply relaxing legs & feet massage.


75min. | 135 €

Head massage ceremony followed by the hopi candle in ear to purify sinus & heavenly warm oil flow on 3rd eye for mental clarity, balance and harmony.

Abhyanga – PadAbhyanga

110 min. | 190 €

Full body massage with warm oils for overall rejuvenating effect on body & mind followed by a deeply relaxing legs & feet massage.

Abhyanga – Special Serenity

150 min. | 250 €

Full body massage with warm oils for overall rejuvenating effect on body & mind, head massage ceremony followed by the hopi candle in ear to purify sinus & heavenly warm oil flow on 3rd eye for mental clarity, balance and harmony.


The body is massaged with a highly concentrated blend of aromatherapy oils using volcanic hot stones in alternation with cold marble stones. The stones are carefully placed on the body Chakras at vital energy points and on both hands and feet for balance and grounding. This South American holistic massage, in combination with the aromatherapy will leave you recharged and full of energy and the same time totally calm and purified. A deeply soothing and sensorial treatment which achieves an important detoxifying, relaxing and draining effect, it relieves muscle pain, increases the body’s metabolism and relaxes the tissues.


120 min. | 200 €

Deeply relaxing full body massage.


60 min. | 110 €

Deeply relaxing back massage.

Stones Special / Mini Stones Special

75/135 min. | 135/215 €

Extends to Indian feet or head massage.

Stones Special Dream / Mini Stones Special Dream

120/180 min. | 225/300 €

Extends to Indian head massage, hopi candle and oil flow on 3rd eye.

  • Hot Stone Massages Luxembourg
  • Yoake Pantai Luar


75 min. | 135 €

A relaxing full Thai body massage with warm oil heated herbal compress which provide all the physical beneficial effects for a body free from toxins, more resilient and a re-hydrated skin.


45/60/90 min. | 90/110/160 €

Enjoy all the best of Europe’s well-known massage techniques as soft touch, sliding pressure, percussion, friction and vibration. The massage will be personalised,

tender soft: muscles relaxing & calming, soothes away aches and pains, vital strong: a more sporty massage with re-energising, feel-good effects, increasing positive sense of well-being, or skin firming: for the tonicity of the skin through advanced massage techniques.

  • Yoake Swedish Best Massage
  • Yoake Spa Kobido


35 min. | 70 €

A lifting facial massage, inspired by the ancient Japanese method, which will improve the balance of the ‘chi’, our vital energy. This very relaxing massage, that uses pressure applied with the pads of the fingers, stimulates the energy circulation of the face and neck and leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

A series of synchronous gestures that has all of a ballet choreography! The movements involving meridians, acupressure point and lymphatic drainage. Kobido facial massage is considered to be one of the most effective natural treatments to enhance the condition of the skin and slow down the ageing process. Kobido is a massage that promotes rejuvenation of the face and general relaxation.

Discover the Kobido on YouTube


45 min. | 160 €

Massage of exceptionally high quality. This is a massage to leave the world behind and dive into nourishment of your body and mind. An extraordinary experience of relaxation, revival and rejuvenation! Only on request.

  • Yoake Four Hands Wave
  • Yoake Spa Foot Massage Luxembourg


35 min. | 70 €

Specially designed to relief the tension of specific parts of the body: back-massage to relief the tension or massage for the legs to improve circulation

All the energy meridians of the body exist as reflex points on the soles of the feet and the head. Delightful feet massage with a “cupper bal” which helps restore energy flow through the entire body or the special head massage which will calm and soothe the mind and spirit.