Sleep Like a Boss

By Christine Hansen

As a holistic sleep strategist & coach, Christine Hansen (FDN-P, CSSC) combines emotional stress with biochemical stress for an optimal result.

Sleep is most of the time a symptom of many different factors that are going awry. From stress at work, in a relationship, at home to systems inside of our body that are needing to be rebalanced.

Christine works on mind set, hormones and gut health all at once, and always with a focus on sleep.

The Side Effects

  • More sleep
  • More Energy
  • More Focus
  • More Patience
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Skin
  • And all-around Happiness


We’ll be working on sleep hygiene only on a session by session bases (60’ each) €100 htva


A private 12 week coaching program with bi-weekly 1:1 sessions including:

a bespoke Sleep & Lifestyle Protocol including:

  • 6 Session Books to help you stay on track between our meetings,
  • Recipes and Meal Plan Suggestions for all of the 12 weeks! You don't have to worry about a thing!
  • A serious and efficient coaching progress to make the most of your time
  • A Food Diary to detect internal stressors
  • Support material to keep you focused and motivated
  • Emotional support to make self-care seem like a breeze, without the guilt or paralysis due to time constrictions
  • Professional health questionnaires to make sure we aren't missing anything

- (6) 1:1 sessions in total!

6 Session PLUS all of the Materials: €1050 (htva)

All Inclusive

All of the Premium features PLUS:

  • (5) functional diagnostic lab tests (saliva & stool) and results consultations. We will look at your steroid hormones, melatonin, cortisol, DHEA, liver performance, cellular health, intestinal permeability, pathogens & parasite detection and food sensitivities.
  • IMPORTANT: I will NOT diagnose on the basis of the tests that you wish to have done. We will use the outcome non-specifically to coach up the body's strengths to regain a general balance and strength to improve.If you are ready to completely change your life and go from guessing, testing and relapsing to everlasting, healthy existence then this is the way to go.

All the 1:1 Sessions, PLUS the Materials, PLUS the ALL of lab testing : 1999€ (htva)