Digestive Aromatherapy

By Sylvie Rouen

Dr in Microbiology and aromatherapist, Sylvie is specialised in gut microbiota well-being with the help of aromatherapy and nutrition.

Life is all about balance, and especially for your gut microflora, also called our “second brain”. It is very sensitive to stress, modern industrial food, pollutions, so when a dysbiosis arises it is all our physiological and psycho-emotional systems that are impacted.

Discover your "gutty self" and nurture it with healthy food and plants!

Positive Effects

  • Regain energy and vitality by an improved digestion
  • Serenity and peacefulness
  • Body regeneration

Digestive Aromatherapy & Olfactotherapy Treatments

Vitality Check

90 min. | 150€

Comprehensive Interview with the aromatherapist to share the medical and family history, the psycho-emotional state, food habits, living conditions, stresses…

According to these observations, the therapist will propose to the client a first contact with an essential oil and food hygiene recommendations.

Follow-Up Session

60 min. | 100 €

The client will usually be proposed the most suited protocol in aromatherapy (olfaction/massages/oral intake) depending on its conditions. The diet is followed-up to optimise the efforts and results onto the general health.

Olfactotherapy Session

30 min. | 50 €

One essential oil is chosen among 3 tested for a dedicated session with special "olfacto-glasses". After 15 mins of complete immersion, the emotions and feelings are discussed with the therapist for further work at home with the essential oil chosen.

These sessions are particularly recommended during highly stressed periods, burn-out and emotional distress.