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7th November 2018
skin regimen at Yoake

SKIN REGIMEN / Urban Longevity Facial

Customisable and with 100% natural perfumes of juniper, copahu, rosewood and cedar essential oils, this treatment rebalances and invigorates the body and mind and helps to […]
16th October 2018
Awakening yoga poses

3 Awakening Yoga Poses To Help You Start The Day

Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion. With regular practice, they’ll improve your flexibility and improve blood circulation. Try these 3 awakening […]
7th August 2018
Eric Standop Face Reading

Face Reading with Eric Standop – 30th August 2018

With over fifteen years of experience in facial diagnosis & face reading, the Yoaké team is proud to welcome Eric Standop on 30th August 2018. Face […]
9th July 2018
Trésors Maison Binsfeld

Trésors Maison Binsfeld – Spa & Bien Être

9th July 2018
Neuer Umschau Buchverlag - Yoake

Neuer Umschau Buchverlag – Corps, Esprit et Âme Körper, Geist Und Seele

9th July 2018
Yoake golf club magazine

Soignez Votre Musculature – Golf Club Magazine