Unique restoring experiences for your body, mind & soul.
Yoaké selected an indulgent array of massages, each designed to soothe the body and release muscle tension through the healing touch of our professionally trained therapists. Emerge from each massage completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

These include massages from around the world, a professional care system to treat any kind of skin, as well as high-performance skin treatments and body care. All are given by experts in their field in a relaxed luxurious atmosphere enhanced by the attention to detail, specially designed to meet the specific requirements.

35 min | €70

Japanese rejuvenating facial massage which improves the balance of the “chi”, our vital energy. A series of synchronous gestures and pressures applied with the pads of the fingers stimulates the energy circulation of the face with lifting effects.
Pantaï Luar

75 min | €140

Relaxing massage from Eastern-Asia using herbal bundles heated in hot oil. The treatment stimulates the body’s self-repair mechanism, leading to a powerful cell renewal and revitalisation beside the relaxing muscle tension.
Stones Balance

60-120 min | €120-€230

This South American holistic massage with smooth volcanic hot stones in alternation with cold marble stones will leave you recharged and full of energy and the same time totally calm and purified. A deeply soothing and sensorial treatment with important detoxifying, relaxing and draining effects. Can be offered as a full body (120’) or as a back and neck massage (60’).
RESERVATIONS60 min.120 min.
Lomi Lomi

60 min | €120

Delicious Hawaiian massage with fluid and rhythmic forearm strokes and hand, thumbs, palm movements, combined with powerful elbow work to bring a deep, enveloping and revitalising relaxation.
Tibetan Sound Massage

75 min | €140

Singing Bowls massage inspired by Ku Nuy, a traditional and ancient practice belonging to the Tibetan Medical Tradition. To increase vitality, remove mental and physical tensions, encourages detoxification, reduces and relieves muscular aches and pains, reduces anxiety and sleep problems.
Swedish Best

45-60-90 min | €95-€120-€160

Europe’s well-known massage with slow pressure and long gliding strokes, percussion, friction and vibration. Tender soft and calming muscles relaxing, or vital strong for a more sporty massage with re-energising. The massage will be personalised.


Ayurveda, Science of Life, consist of helping the body to maintain its health through a balance of energies. The Indian massages will stimulate the energy flow in the body. It will revitalise the nervous system, relieve fatigue and strengthen the immune system, stimulate circulation and help the body flush out wastes more efficiently.
Special Serenity

75 min | €140

Head massage ceremony followed by the Hopi Candle in the ear to purify sinus & heavenly warm oil flow on the 3rd Eye for mental clarity, balance and harmony.
Pad Abhyanga

35 min | €70

Deeply relaxing legs and feet massage to stimulate circulation.

75 min | €140

Indian full body massage with warm oils for overall rejuvenating effect on the body & mind.
Fusion Abhyanga – Special Serenity

150 min | €260

Indian full body massage followed by head massage ceremony, Hopi Candle in ear to purify sinus and finished by heavenly warm oil flow on 3rd Eye for mental clarity, balance and harmony.
Fusion Abhyanga –Padabhyanga

110 min | €210

Indian full body massage followed by a deeply relaxing legs & feet massage.


Unique restoring experiences for your body, mind & soul.
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