Non-invasive treatments for fresh looking, glorious skin.
Expert in rejuvenation, Yoaké offers you a professional care system to treat any kind of skin and guarantees you exceptionally efficient treatments.

We have developed a skin diagnostic leading to specific and precise advice customised for you in order to determine the specific needs of your skin.
Skin Analyser

30 min | €45

Everything you should know about your skin! The Skin Analyser uses 7 different lenses, which allows an ultra-precise and deep skin reading. It can so reveal the emerging imperfections, often invisible to the naked eye, so that you can react in time. The analysis closes with valuable tips and recommendations to rectify where needed and keep a healthy and beautiful. Ideally followed by the most appropriate care to ensure the most accurate results.
LED-Light Therapy

30 min | €45

This medical device uses the power of light for dermal regeneration together with a significant increase of the fibroblasts, insuring the production of collagen and elastin. Helps to correct the imperfections, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lighten the complexion, correct skin problems. This is the ideal way to potentiate our cares or to start a cure.


Enjoy the ultimate spa experience with a passion for wellness and a holistic approach of longevity and life quality.
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