Cleansing your body from within to eliminate toxins, impurities, waste & greases.
Detox Revive

75 min | €150

Sweet zesty pink grapefruit, fresh green rosemary and rich, woody juniper berry for a strengthening, detoxifying effect. Exfoliation with finely ground olive grains refines the pores and reveals fresh, new skin then while you are enveloped in layers of gels and oils a stimulating foot reflex pressure massage encourages the release and elimination of toxins. Feel fresh and alive!
Infrared Tunnel

30 min | €45

Most powerful way to get detox your body. In-depth penetration of long infrared rays directly into the cells provides heating from inside and a highly activated blood circulation. Toxins, waste and greases are set free and eliminated with sudation. The long ray infrared sauna will boost your organism. Solo or with full body massage. Ideal in a 6 session cure.


Enjoy the ultimate spa experience with a passion for wellness and a holistic approach of longevity and life quality.
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