27th November 2018
Italy Retreat 2019

Reconnect Women Retreat Lago d’Orta, Northern Italy 6th to 13th April 2019

ENJOY THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING Are you looking for a space to breathe and relax? A space that allows you to focus on your inner self, […]
7th August 2018
Eric Standop Face Reading

Face Reading with Eric Standop – 30th August 2018

With over fifteen years of experience in facial diagnosis & face reading, the Yoaké team is proud to welcome Eric Standop on 30th August 2018. Face […]
26th July 2017
Sandy Schleider

Activate your Body’s Self-Healing Powers

Every Person has its own Inner Potential that wants to Show and Unfold Who are you Sandy? I am an intuitive healing and energy worker, supporting […]
28th June 2017

Wake up in better health – sleep like a boss!

Christine Hansen, Holistic Sleep Strategist Coach for Adults  & Author of the Amazon     #1 Bestseller  “Sleep Like A Boss” Who are you Christine? I […]
26th May 2017
Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting

Facial Reflex Therapy & Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting

About the Program & the Visiting Practitioner Mariko Hiyama Dip.FRT, Dip.JCFLT, Dip.HRT (Dementia & Child Care Program)  Sorensensistem™ Facial Reflex Therapy is a concept combining oriental […]
10th February 2017

How to help our body to detoxify?

“To rest the digestive system and eliminate the toxins is to allow the body to regain balance and health.” “INTERVIEW of Sylvie Rouen from AROMANOMIE by […]
11th April 2015
Cosmo Facial

Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting Method

Mariko, the Official Therapist & Instructor Facial Reflexologist will be back in Luxembourg on  18, 19, 20, 21 & 22 MAY 2015 Basic Treatment 60 min with consultation EUR 115 […]
20th October 2014

Face Yoga – Japanese Cosmo Facial by MARI Yoga

Face Yoga – Japanese Cosmo Facial is coming back to Luxembourg between 12th & 26th November. Treatment will be available at Yoaké – The Ultimate Spa […]