2nd February 2019
Tech fitness apps

Can Tech Help Us Keep New Year Fitness Resolutions?

After a Christmas of self-indulgence comes the inevitable New Year’s resolution to detox, get fit, lose weight, and eat more healthily. Believe it or not, there’s […]
27th November 2018
Italy Retreat 2019

Reconnect Women Retreat Lago d’Orta, Northern Italy 6th to 13th April 2019

ENJOY THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING Are you looking for a space to breathe and relax? A space that allows you to focus on your inner self, […]
7th November 2018
Yoake spa gift certificate

SUBLIME SKIN Hormone-Aging Facial

Hormones are like messengers in the body during menopause. Their concentration drops and it affects: communication – and cellular regeneration, the activity of vitamin D, thus […]
16th October 2018
Awakening yoga poses

3 Awakening Yoga Poses To Help You Start The Day

Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion. With regular practice, they’ll improve your flexibility and improve blood circulation. Try these 3 awakening […]
26th June 2018

Summer Special – Brush your way to a firmer, brighter, more energized body !

We were SO happy to see dry body brushing recently recommended on BBC’s ‘The Truth About Looking Good’ programme as the most effective cellulite treatment trialled. […]
22nd April 2018
Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts to Follow

Our Favourite Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts to Follow

Eating healthily and trying vegan foods doesn’t mean eating boring foods! Here are our favourite healthy eating Instagram accounts for Spring 2018. Be healthy!   Nutritionist […]
11th November 2017
Yoake Hands On

Hands On! The Science of Touch in Massage

Think about the last time you held someone’s hand, or when someone gave you a nice strong hug. It made you feel relaxed and happy, right? […]
2nd November 2017

4 Japanese Words Every Language Should Have

The way that languages develop over centuries says a lot about the people speaking them and their culture. Language is all about communication, but often our […]
1st October 2017
Meditation Yoake

Reflection and realignment – embracing the gifts of winter through meditation

Nature prepares for winter by shedding what is no longer needed. When each of the 4 seasons transition to the next, they demonstrate energy changes and […]
21st August 2017
thirsty skin

What are the triggers of Dehydrated Skin?

Does your skin often feels tight and is uneven to the touch? Look dull and pale? Your skin is telling you it’s thirsty! All skins, including […]
11th July 2017
old lady

How To Live To Be 100 Years Old

Inevitably, our bodies deteriorate with time but the process of ageing may be accelerated by the way we live our lives and by our attitudes towards […]
13th May 2017
yoake konmari

KonMari Method: Spring Cleaning the Japanese Way

The smell of spring is in the Luxembourg air and while cleansing your body, mind and soul is a continual process, it doesn’t hurt to give […]