7th November 2018
Yoake spa gift certificate

SUBLIME SKIN Hormone-Aging Facial

Hormones are like messengers in the body during menopause. Their concentration drops and it affects: communication – and cellular regeneration, the activity of vitamin D, thus […]
7th November 2018
skin regimen at Yoake

SKIN REGIMEN / Urban Longevity Facial

Customisable and with 100% natural perfumes of juniper, copahu, rosewood and cedar essential oils, this treatment rebalances and invigorates the body and mind and helps to […]
28th January 2018
Hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

  The Yoake Hot stone massage represents a unique connection with nature, offering us its beauty and spirituality which we so often forget. This is a […]
5th October 2017
Yoake Tranquility

Tranquility Ritual for Face & Body

STRESS: ENEMY No.1 Today, the word “stress” is so common that we almost forget that it has not always been in our vocabulary. A few years […]
31st August 2017

The Kabat Technique – A gym for your skin

An American neurophysiologist and physician, Dr. Herman Kabat, developed this system of therapeutic movements in the 1940s. Unlike a typical massage, this treatment calls for both […]
20th January 2017

Winter Wellness Detox treatments to restore mind and body

We all look forward to the communal celebrations of the holiday season, celebrations which, more often than not, provide us with an endless array of meals […]
23rd December 2016
Infrared Detoxification

Infrared Detoxification

Over time, pollution in the air and from other sources like pesticides have been proven to harm our bodies; our natural sweating mechanism works efficiently to […]
23rd December 2016
Lumi LED Yoake

Lumi LED Light Therapy

Ageing of the skin is characterised by dehydration lines, dull and lifeless complexion, expression wrinkles, deep wrinkles around the lips, frown lines, sagging jowls amongst other […]
23rd December 2016


WISHpro® is a powerful ant-ageing skin treatment. A modern alternative to invasive injections, this solution is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment for the face. Combining magnetic […]
23rd December 2016
Ottoman body scrub

Body Scrub Ottoman

Relax and unwind in the tranquil ambience of The Ultimate Spa as gentle heat softens your skin preparing you for a delightful body exfoliation. Just like […]
23rd December 2016


An innovative massage acting on three different sensorial pathways: olfactive, tactile and hearing, for profound relaxation. The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke […]
16th November 2016
Yoake skin analysis

Skin Analysis, all you need to know about your SKIN

Join us for skin readings to analyse the layers of your skin. With the latest technology, our Skin Analyser uses 7 different lenses to help to read the skin […]